Travel Dog

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“Travel Dog” is a dexterity game for dogs. The game comes in the shape of a suitcase and contains two games: Dog’ SUDOKU™ Expert Rainbow (which can be taken out of the case) and Game “18”, which describes the grooves in which pieces as well as the treats hidden underneath can be placed. The pieces (2 cylinders, 4 hats and 2 long cylinders)  can be found in the suitcase.


The game also features 2 drawers that are blocked by two long cylinders so that they cannot fall out when the game is picked up and carried. This game’s level of difficulty, ranging from 1 to 4, can be varied by using more or fewer pieces. As the game consists of 2 parts, 2 dogs can play Travel Dog at the same time. This game trains a dog’s concentration and dexterity, and encourages its natural instincts of curiosity, drive to play and sense of smell. Thanks to its many variable designs this game can be played with beginners as well as more advanced players.

Note: Please take care when opening the game so that the Dog’ Sudoku Rainbow, which can be taken out as necessary, does not fall out, as it is not fixed in Travel Dog.

Travel Dog
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