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Give a "Smile" to your dog, it will understand!


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Give a „Smile” to your dog,it will understand!

How does it work:

1. At the bottom disc of "Smile" place treats - under 4 caps in the groove at the mouth symbolizing the "teeth" and under each of the two cylinders symbolizing "corners of the mouth" and "eyes" Smiley

2. Put the middle disc on the top and place a treat inside. Then cover it with the top disc of the game.

3. Motivate your dog to perform a task. The dog should first raise the highest disc "Smile" and set it aside. Underneath there is the first prize.

4. After removing the top surface, the dog can pull cylinders (2 "corners of the mouth" and 2 "eyes"), because it can grab them over the surface of the middle disc. It is also possible - as in point 3 – to raise the middle disc and put aside it aside.

5. When the dog gets to the lowest surface, first, it will find treats hidden under cylinders ("corners of the mouth" and "eyes") if they have not been pulled out with its tongue from the hole between two discs. Then it must move caps ("teeth" in the groove symbolizing the mouth) in such a way as to be able to take them out at the side (there the corners of the mouth were). Reward is hidden under each tooth.


You should start with the easiest version to get your dog accustomed to the game. For this purpose, use initially only the lower disc and 8 pawns in the game. (If the dog already knows our "Mandala & Star" game, it will quickly perform the tasks of "Smile".)

If you want to increase the degree of difficulty, add the middle disc to that previously described variant. Caps ("teeth") cannot be removed without first removing the middle plate. Therefore, it is an additional challenge for your dog. Adding the third disc to the game will further increase the degree of difficulty and then the toy will be complete.

The toy is recommended for small (e.g. Dachshunds), medium (e.g. Border Collie) and large dogs (e.g. German shepherd).

Do not let your dog ever play without supervision and intervene when the dog tries to bite or destroy the toy.


Toy (26cm, H = 4cm) is made of FSC certified wood. In order to increase the strength and ease of clean it was coated with water varnish. This coating is harmless to humans and dogs. The toy should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.


Use only dry dog treats to play with SMILE.

My Intelligent Dogs® games are the subjects of protection by the registered patent, name and design. 


"Smile" toy was invented and protected by My Intelligent Dogs® and is produced exclusively in the EU. It is important for us that our toys are safe for dogs and therefore we test them on different races (of course also on curs). We want the dogs to have fun and we want the toys to promote dogs’ development in line with the genre.

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